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Xenon is a recurring character in the animated series Talking Tom and Friends. She is Ben's love interest and his current girlfriend that first appeared in "Love Formula". Xenon works at the Geek Shop. Xenon and Ben usually chat via webcam during the first and second seasons. In Season 4, she is seen to be the antagonist yet she wasn't and leaves Ben in "The Digital Queen". As of "Boyfriend Stealer", Xenon returns and hangs out with the gang again.


Xenon is a human lady with Caucasian skin, turquoise hair with a small barrette in it, wears pink glasses to help see clearly and has brown eyes.

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  • In "The Love Ride", Xenon is revealed to love driving with a companion, which results in the plot of the said episode.
  • Angela has asked Xenon to help her in "Space Conflicts VIII" and in another episode, helped Angela invent Food Drones.
  • She is named after the 54th element, Xenon (Xe).
  • In "Glitch Apocalypse", Xenon, in the Studio, arrested Ben because he was considered "dangerous". It was later revealed that she was an agent.
    • However, it was seen she was actually trying to help the gang but Ben was forced to keep the bracelet on himself as The Agency detected him using technology too much and was blamed for the Zapper Invasion.
  • Xenon refers to her fans as "Xeno-phile".
  • According to Ben in Couple Clash Part 2, Her left size shoe is a wide seven and her right size is a standard eight.
  • Xenon is absent throughout Season 5, and it is the first season that she hasn't appeared in.
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