"No one upsets my students but me!"
―Ms. Vanthrax, S4 E13

Ms. Vanthrax is the teacher of Ginger's school and the girlfriend of The Landlord. She has two jobs, a teacher and secretly a monster hunter. She was formerly tom and ben's teacher.


Velma has big puffy gray hair with brown glasses. She wears lipstick, a necklace, a red shirt with a brown collared jacket covering it and a long purple skirt and white-ish nails as seen in The Dance Contest.


Velma is seen to portray the strict teacher at school. She is quick to needlessly punish her students with detention for the most minor offences, even if it were purely accidental. Still, she has shown to care for her students, as indicated when she showed sympathy for Ginger when he got fell victim to the Joy-Sucking Shadow Monster..


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In Back to School, Tom accidentally let Ginger bring Ben's new invention to school, where it was confiscated. Tom, under the disguise of Ginger's parents, went to retrieve it, but was shocked to see that Ginger's teacher was Ms. Vanthrax.

It seemed to be working at first, but Ms. Vanthrax realizes that it was Tom under disguise, and she presses a button that locks Tom and his friends in for detention.

Ben had to sneak in later, and at first Vanthrax was mad but she realizes it was Ben, her best student. They let all his friends go, except Tom, because he was stuck in the desk.

In Landlord In Love, the Landlord was about to sell the garage to move to a tropical island. To change his mind, Tom and his friends set him up with Vanthrax.

In Troubled Couples, she and the Landlord fell for the Internet Doctor's scam. They were classified as a troubled couple. Eventually, it was revealed it was a scam to get a 5-star review from everyone who fell for it just so they could leave.

In The Substitute Teacher, she came down with a cold so she asked Ben to be the substitute teacher and help the class for the science fair. She came back to school to find Ben playing with paper airplanes to the class. She was disappointed at first, but was amazed that somehow, Ginger could do maths.

In The Dance Contest, she was the Landlord's substitute while he was on vacation. She was very strict and gave detention for the smallest little things. These detention slips translated into chores for the friends to do. So, they lulled her to sleep to sneak off to a dance party.

Vanthrax showed up to the party, and the friends realized they had to sneak back home. Unfortunately, Ben had a back spasm, and this alerted her attention. At first she was enraged, but she saw Ginger doing a dance move. She realized it was a move she invented, and that she used to be a dancer. So she joined in with Ginger.

In The Secret Life of Ms. Vanthrax, Ginger snuck into her classroom, which transformed into a lab to catch monsters. Ginger wanted to accompany her in catching the Joy-Sucking Shadow Monster, but he realized that it was a boring job at first. However, eventually the monster was caught.

In Basketball Hero, Hank wanted to join the third-grade basketball team, which means he had to join third grade. Vanthrax told him that he needed to improve his grades and pass a test or he wouldn't be allowed to play.

After the test, she was disappointed, which worried Hank, but it was because she mustn't have made the questions difficult enough, and told him he passed.

In "Escape: Impossible!", she was in a flashback of past villains played by Bongo.

She attended Roy Rakoon's house-warming party in Neighbor Roy.

In "Ginger and The Girl", she was announcing the partners, and placed Ginger with Tonya. She then later gave Ronnie and Darren an A+, but then gave it to Ginger and Tonya, as they were the ones who came up with the idea.


  • She is named after anthrax, a type of bacteria.
  • She has had 3 major roles in episodes so far.
  • In "The Secret Life Of Ms. Vanthrax", it is revealed that she is secretly a monster hunter.
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