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"But I'm Talking Tom, I can't not talk."
Untalking Tom
Season 1, Episode 1
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Untalking Tom is the first episode of the first season.

Plot Edit

Its the annual "So You Think You Can App" app design contest and Tom and Ben are so excited. Tom shows off to Ben what he's going to do in front of the audience when he's introduced first. When Tom tries out the anti theft app he loses his voice!

Tom talks with the Online Doctor and he says that for once, Tom will have to stop talking for a week. If he continues to talk for the day, he could risk damaging his voice so badly that he may never talk again! Tom becomes desperate, and Ben wouldn't drop out of the competition. He blames Tom just for losing his voice and being careless about using the anti-theft app. Ben decides to do his presentation alone by himself.

Later, Angela fixes a cure for Tom's voice. Hank thinks that Tom lost his hearing, but he actually lost his voice.

Tom and Hank are playing a video game when Ginger comes by and takes the controller and the box.

Meanwhile, Ben is at the "So You Think You Can App" app design contest and Ben gets slightly nervous. Mr. CEO displays everything about the app design contest.

Back at the garage, Angela suggests that she, Tom and Hank would go to the contest and support Ben. Tom went back online and talked with the Internet Therapist. After a little questioning, the internet therapist leaves.

In the "So You Think You Can App" app design contest, Ben is allowed to go on stage. He gets confused at what he has to say in front of the audience publicly. Tom, Hank, and Angela arrive and a confident Tom runs on stage and comforts Ben. Suddenly, their anti-theft app drops to the ground and the CEO forces Tom and Ben off the stage. Then, the CEO gets electrocuted by the anti-theft app and faints on the stage.

When the gang arrives back home, Ben says what he has learned until Angela delivers Ben and Tom leftover soup. Suddenly, Ginger steals one bowl of soup, until he burns his mouth! Tom and Ben have a good laugh together after that.

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Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the first time of a few things:

Goofs Edit

  • Hank's foot clips through the couch when he yells at Tom, thinking that he lost his hearing.
  • When Angela says "uh.....chilly peppers, mostly..." there's a weird white line near the end of the fridge.
  • When Tom and Ben yell "NO!!" when their app falls to the ground, Ben's face has a strange look than his normal look.

In Other Languages Edit

Language Name Meaning
Russian Неговорящий Том Untalking Tom

Video Edit

Talking Tom and Friends - Untalking Tom (Episode 1)

Talking Tom and Friends - Untalking Tom (Episode 1)

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