Tom After Tom is the tenth episode and the final of the Season 1 of Talking Friends.

Tom After Tom
Season 1, Episode 10
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The Talking Friends have a talk about the best decade to live in. Tom chooses the 80s, Ben chooses the 60s, Pierre chooses the 50s, and Angela chooses the 20s. Then, Ben has them go through the decades through his Musical Dimension Hopper. The 80's goes first, but Pierre doesn't think Tom's look is good. The 60's goes next, but Ben mentions nobody taking any showers (a gross experience to Ginger). The 50's goes next, and then the 20's. Ginger and Pierre leave, because Ginger isn't keen on the black and white background, and Pierre misses texting. The gang goes home and sing a song about what they learned: The best time is today.

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Talking Friends - Talking Friends Ep10 Tom After Tom

Talking Friends - Talking Friends Ep10 Tom After Tom