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"I am your mayor and I want to put your simple minds at ease. I hereby promise that I will not rest until everyone in this town is happy. Yes, you heard that right! Until everyone is happy."
Happy TownTalking Tom is the titular characters and one of the main characters of Talking Tom and Friends. He was the first of the Talking Friends franchise created bu Outfit7, introduced in July 2010. Talking Tom 2 followed a year later in 2011 and arguably the main antagonist of Talking Pierre. He also appeared in the first Virtual pet app by Outfit7 named My Talking Tom.

Character description Edit

Tom is a grey cat that is often portrayed as egotistical yet caring towards his friends. He designs mobile app with Ben and hopes to earn money off of them. His apps tend to be a failure, except for the Talking Tom and Talking Ben apps in the show.

Biography Edit

"I'm what people call a visionary. Some days I wake up and think, 'Let's see, today I'm gonna design a hot air balloon that can land on a passing asteroid.'
Except a hot air balloon can't fly in space...
That's a minor detail. Comments like that prove that you're just not a visionary.
And you're not a scientist.
―Tom and Ben, The Audition

Family Edit

In Talking Friends, his nephew is Ginger.[1]

Early life Edit

Tom met Ben met nearly 8 and a half years ago, at the age of 14. They bumped into each other while using their electronic devices, and became best friends.[2]

Tom and Ben Enterprises Edit

When they were teenagers, Tom and Ben started a tech company, Tom and Ben Enterprises. They didn't have a proper business plan at the time, however, and just had fun making devices like Boomerang.[3][4]

Trivia Edit

  • Every app he develops tend to be failures, except for the Talking Tom and Talking Ben apps.
  • He is currently 28 years old as of 2018.

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