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"I finally live on tropical island 'cause I found the love of my life!"
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The Landlord is a major antagonist in Talking Tom And Friends. He is one of Tom, Ben and Hank's neighbors, who is also their landlord. He is shown to be an old man who happened to be a former champion of the sport ping pong and the game noodle spoons, a game that was featured in "Poker Face". Usually he is hostile towards Tom and Ben, but in some cases he is portrayed as frenemies with Tom and his friends. He appears either because he hears noise in the garage or some other inconvenience is in the garage. The Landlord's appearances are usually accompanied by Hank giving him a royal greeting. This stopped in Season 4 onward.


The Landlord is an old man with a Southern European accent. His age and actual name being unknown, he has bright blue eyes along with grey hair. He is always usually seen wearing khaki/beige shorts, with a blue shirt and pink hat.

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