The Baked Desert is a desert in Talking Tom and Friends. It appears in A Secret Worth Keeping.

History Edit

The Baked Desert had a village in it. The villagers found the World's Biggest Candy Bar, and that probably made tourism the highest source of revenue, which was the reason why the whole town shut down when the villagers in the local mountains found a bigger candy bar.

Geography Edit

The Baked Desert is generally hard to navigate. Strangely, there are no remains of the town that once existed in the desert. There are a lot of mirages, and no trees. The way to the building which houses the candy bar is uphill. In Man on the Moon, it is unnamed.

The world's biggest candy bar Edit

The Baked Desert used to house the world's biggest candy bar. The candy bar became the main source of commerce, due to high tourism. That is probably the reason why the whole town shut down after villagers in the mountains found the new biggest candy bar. The way to the candy bar is uphill.

Legacy Edit

A restaurant in the same ,episode is called The Baked Dessert, possibly named after it.