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"Okay, here it is; The Talking Tom Reality TV Show Audition Video!"
The Audition
Season 1, Episode 0
Tom Slouching
Air date December 23, 2014 (ENG)
December 23, 2015 (BRA)
December 24, 2015 (SPA)
December 31, 2015 (RUS)
Written by Tom Martin
Directed by Greg Manwaring
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The Audition (also known as Christmas audition) is the pilot episode of the Talking Tom and Friends animated series.

Plot Edit

Tom was explaining to everyone about his wish to earn his own reality show, filmed by Ginger. Suddenly, Angela hurries over because of Tom's urgent message, and he takes Angela to the bathroom to sing in it.

Tom keeps telling the audience about his life and he also sees Ben busy on his computer, and he and Tom talk about Ben's personality.

Angela gets out of the bathroom and tells Hank to take over. As well as introducing himself, he also introduces Ginger over to the audience. Meanwhile, Angela talks with Tom and Ben altogether. Soon, Tom and Ben together get into a little fight and an argument about how they both met each other.

As night falls, Tom feels a bit sad. He felt like he isn't able to convince the producers enough to give him his own reality show. When he explains it all to Hank, he suggests to turn it into a special Christmas audition video, and then comically, Santa Claus appears from the garage. He gives Tom advice that instead of trying to convince the producers to give him his own reality show, he could make the show himself. Then, Santa leaves off with his sleigh and reindeer.

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Tom Garage

The Studio

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Trivia Edit

  • This Is first appearance of Hank.
  • This was considered to be the pilot episode of Talking Tom and Friends.
  • This is the first episode where all of the characters speak.
  • This is the first episode to be presented in only one location.
  • Tom's blue couch is usually all colored blue with white lining around it, but in this episode, it's secondary color is yellow. This could be because that was their old couch, and then sometime in the first season, they got a new one.

In Other Languages Edit

Language Name Meaning
Spanish La audición Christmas Hearing
Spanish La Audición de Navidad The Listening Christmas
Russian Новогоднее реалити-шоу Christmas-Reality-Show
Brazilian A Audição Merry Christmas!

Video Edit

Talking Tom and Friends ep

Talking Tom and Friends ep.0 - Christmas audition

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