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Talking Tom and Friends Minis is a web series in the Talking Tom and Friends media franchise and based on characters made by Outfit7. It is a joint Korean-American production.


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Screenshot Title Release date Episode number #
Image-2.jpeg "The Big Move" 3rd March 2016 #01
Talking Tom and Friends are moving into a new place. They are having fun, but it’s also it’s also a lot of hard work.
Image-1.jpeg "A Rough Start" 17th March 2016 #02
Despite their best intentions, Talking Tom and Friends are having a difficult morning. Let's find out what happens.
BoyMeetsGirlTitleCard.jpeg "Boy Meets Girl" 31st March 2016 #03
Tom wants to visit Angela at her place, but has to wait outside in the cold until she gets ready.
"The Perfect Dress" 5th May 2016 #04
Angela orders the perfect dress online, but delivery seems to be taking ages.
"Spring Date" 19th May 2016 #05
Tom and Angela go for a picnic in the park. Will it spark a romance?
"Part Time Job" 2nd June 2016 #06
Talking Tom’s job in the cafeteria is exhausting, but his friends come to visit him and cheer him up.
"Camping Trip" 16th June 2016 #07
There’s nothing better than time on the open road. Unless your car runs out of gas!
"Fortune Cookies" 30th June 2016 #08
Talking Tom and Talking Angela get very different predictions from their fortune cookies.
"Tom's Sick Day" 14th July 2016 #09
Talking Angela’s angry because Talking Tom stood her up for their date. But what would make him do that?
"A Big Thank You" 28th July 2016 #10
Talking Tom’s big surprise for Talking Angela doesn’t go according to plan.
"Workout Time" 11th August 2016 #11
Tom tries to do a strenuous workout after he sees Angela infatuated by a stronger and fitter cat.
"Tom's New Love" 25th August 2016 #12
Talking Tom loves his new game, “Talking Tom Gold Run”, but it means he doesn’t pay enough attention to Talking Angela. Will she forgive him?
"Diet Plan" 8th September 2016 #13
Talking Angela lets the evil bathroom scale make her think she needs to go on a diet.
"Horror Movie Night" 15th September 2016 #14
Boo! Things get spooky at Talking Tom’s house when the gang decides to have a horror movie night.
"Love is in the Air" 22nd September 2016 #15
When Talking Tom helps out around the house, Talking Angela starts to notice his good looks. Does this mean she likes Tom?!
"Summer Heat" 28th September 2016 #16
When a heatwave strikes, tempers and temperatures rise. But who’s going to be the cool one?
"Micro Tom" 6th October 2016 #17
Lightning strikes! Talking Tom should have known better than to go up on the roof during a storm…
"Messy Guests" 13th October 2016 #18
Talking Angela’s relaxing day off comes to an end with a visit from Talking Tom and the guys.
"Underground Adventure" 20th October 2016 #19
When Talking Tom helps Talking Angela in the garden, they discover a hidden secret. Will they obey the signs and leave it alone? Or will they explore?
"Angela's Lost Phone" 30th November 2016 #20
Disaster! Talking Angela’s lost her phone. Talking Tom goes on a phone hunt, but will he be able to find it?
"Camera Shy" 7th December 2016 #21
Lights, camera, FREEZE! Talking Tom freezes up whenever he has his photo taken. But since Talking Angela wants a nice picture of the two of them, he’s determined to kick the habit.
"Lonely Boy Ginger" 14th December 2016 #22
Talking Ginger’s having a bad day. All his friends are busy and he has no one to spend time with. Will the gang figure out that he’s feeling lonely and make it up to him?
"The Lost Drone" 22nd December 2016 #23
A drone malfunction leaves Talking Ginger without his favorite toy. Will Talking Ben be able to get it back for him?
"New Year's Wishes" 29th December 2016 #24
It’s almost New Year’s Eve! The gang are getting ready to celebrate together. But will they meet up in time for the countdown to midnight?
"Tom Against the Machine" 8th February 2017 #25
Talking Angela wants a toy in the claw game, but will Talking Tom be able to win it for her?
"Cooking Contest" 15th February 2017 #26
Talking Angela gets competitive when she sees Talking Hank in the kitchen. But can she cook?
"Angela Can't Sleep" 22nd February 2017 #27
When Angela can’t fall asleep at night, Talking Tom tries to help her. But will anything work?
"Night of Shooting Stars" 1st March 2017 #28
Talking Tom and the gang are on the roof, waiting to watch the meteor shower. But there isn’t a shooting star in sight! Will they manage to stay awake to see anything?
"Tom Needs Help" 8th March 2017 #29
Talking Tom’s having a tough time – he broke his arm! But is Talking Angela’s help making things better or worse?!
"Sneezing Tom and the Flower Festival" 19th April 2017 #30
It’s spring and Talking Angela wants to head to the flower festival! But Talking Tom’s hay fever is playing up… Will he be able to hold in the sneezes?!
"Keep Away!" 26th April 2017 #31
Talking Tom and Talking Hank are having roommate problems. Will they figure things out or just make it worse?
"Ginger Wants to Sleep" 3rd May 2017 #32
All Talking Ginger wants to do is sleep! But he’s looking for just the right bed to sleep in. With so many of the gang’s to choose from, which one will it be?
"Selfie Superstar" 10th May 2017 #33
Talking Tom’s on a mission! He wants to get more likes on his photos. How does Talking Angela do it so well…?
"Angela's Pink Cake" 24th May 2017 #34
Talking Angela’s baked a cake, but her friends aren’t convinced it’s going to be edible. It’s time to cook up a plan!
"Ginger the Date Crasher" 7th June 2017 #35
Talking Ginger’s the third wheel on Talking Tom and Talking Angela’s evening out. What are they going to do?
"The Movie Kiss" 21st June 2017 #36
Romance is in the air! Talking Tom really wants to kiss Talking Angela, but the time’s never right. Will he get his special moment?
"Hungry Hank" 5th July 2017 #37
Talking Hank needs to get fit so Talking Angela steps in to help him. But will he be able to stay away from his favorite junk foods?
"The Flood" 19th July 2017 #38
Drip… Drip… WHOOSH! What starts as a few drops of rain soon turns into a huge rainstorm. With that crazy hole above his house, will Talking Ben be able to keep out the flood?!
"Angela the Detective" 2nd August 2017 #39
Someone doodled on Talking Angela’s picture! But who? Angela turns detective to try and solve the mystery. Which one of her friends did the deed?
"No Time for Friends" 16th August 2017 #40
Talking Tom is popular! But it’s causing him stress. With his guy friends on one side, and Talking Angela on the other, how and who is he going to choose to hang out with? Dilemma!
"Bzz! Annoying Mosquito" 30th August 2017 #41
It’s the middle of the night and all Talking Tom and Talking Hank can hear is the annoying whine of a mosquito. Will they manage to catch it or are they in for a sleepless night?
"Swimming Pool Challenge" 13th September 2017 #42
SPLASH! A day at the rooftop pool turns into an all-out water battle between the friends. Who’s going to win?
"Hank Must Go" 27th September 2017 #43
Woah! Talking Tom and Talking Hank get into a huge fight. How will it end?
"Angela on Mystery Island" 11th October 2017 #44
Talking Angela finds herself stranded on a deserted island with a treasure map. Will she use it to find the treasure or send an SOS message to her friends?
"No Fun for Ginger" 25th October 2017 #45
Ginger’s sick! But he doesn’t want to stay in bed, he wants to go to the beach. Will his friends be able to make him rest and recover?
"The Skateboard Kid" 8th November 2017 #46
Talking Tom wants to skateboard to impress Talking Angela, but he’s no good. Until a teacher comes along…
"Camera! Action!" 22nd November 2017 #47
Talking Hank’s making a movie and all his friends are involved! But some more than others… Will the mischief on set make or break the movie?
"Tom the Bodyguard" 6th December 2017 #48
A fortune teller reveals that Talking Angela’s in danger! Can Talking Tom keep her safe!?
"A Gift for Angela" 20th December 2017 #49
Talking Tom’s got the best idea for a special holiday present for Talking Angela – it’ll keep her warm and show her how much he cares. But can he turn his idea into a reality?
"Winter Competition" 3rd January 2018 #50
Talking Tom and the gang are playing in the snow and trying to figure out who’s got what it takes to be the champion of the winter games! May the best snowman win...
"The Unlucky Gift" 17th January 2018 #51
It’s a day for giving presents, but one has a nasty surprise inside. Who’s going to be the unlucky one to open it?
"Angela's Birthday Surprise" 31st January 2018 #52
It’s Talking Angela’s birthday, but Talking Tom’s forgotten all about it! Can the guys pull off an amazing celebration in time?
"Lunar New Year Celebrations" 14th February 2018 #53
It’s snowing and the gang’s getting the house ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year. But where’s Talking Hank?
"Smartphone Diet" 14th March 2018 #54
Talking Angela’s smartphone died. What a shock! Now Talking Tom has to keep her entertained while her smartphone is repaired.
"The Flying Machine" 28th March 2018 #55
Talking Tom repairs a broken flying machine and takes his friends for an adventure. But there’s a storm on the horizon...
"Lost in the Forest" 25th April 2018 #56
Talking Tom and Friends are off on an adventure in the woods. But they gang get separated on their hike. Will they manage to find each other again?
"Microwave MEGA-Problem" 9th May 2018 #57
Talking Hank is getting ready to have a comfy afternoon on the couch but then disaster strikes! His microwave breaks! What’s he going to cook his popcorn in now?! Determined to fix the problem, Hank goes to Talking Ben for help. Together, will they be able to save Hank’s microwave?
"Hide and Seek" 6th June 2018 #58
During a game of hide-and-seek in the park, it looks like one of the gang is really lost for good! Will Talking Tom be able to find them?
"The Magic Show" 4th July 2018 #59
When their friends need cheering up, Talking Tom and Talking Ben come up with an amazing plan! A plan so good, you might say it’s… magical!

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