Talking Tom and Ben News is an October 2, 2011 app available in the iTunes app store for free.


Free Features

  • Ben uses a boxing glove gun to knock Tom.
  • Ben uses a toy dart gun to Tom or miss the target!
  • Sword button to make Tom and Ben wrestle.

  • Tom uses a water pistol at Ben
  • Tom uses an air horn to honk at Ben.
  • Tom will use a toy blow gun at Ben.

When You Don't Interact

  • A dust flies at the news table and Ben wiped it off.
  • Tom will say 'And now a word from our sponser' and the ad will appear
  • A fly will come in and Ben will try to get rid of the fly.
  • Tom will fake check the time on his fake watch.
  • Tom will point at the camera showing hes waiting.
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