Talking Tom Shorts

Talking Tom Shorts is a animated series with the theme of My Talking Tom.


Episode List

Season 1

# Title Description
1. Red Alert I really really have to go to the toilet. What? What’s this pesky hand doing?!
2. Whack-a-Mouse Mice! Annoying little mecha-mice! I can’t get rid of theeeeeeem! Grrrrr!
3. Aerobics A one, a two, a one two three four! Let’s do this! Wait, who are these weird cats… :/
4. Potions Potions! Aaaah, potions! I will try them ALL! Gulp gulp… uh oh… what’s happening?!
5. Lights Out Aaaaah, sleepy time at last! Click. Click. Wait, what’s this? Click. Click. Grrrr… Click. Click. :/
6. Round 1 Fireeeeee! Fireeeeee! Fireeeeee! OMG! Fireeeeee! Fireeeeee! Fireeeeee!

Season 2

7. Cans I’m there. Nope. Not there. Here. Yes. Hereeee! Nope, again! There. Yes. Here!
8. Flappy Tom Up! Up! Down! Up! OUCH! What are these pillars doing here anyway?
9. Hat Troubles Vroooom! I like the wind in my hair, but you have to wear a cool hat when you're driving, don't you think?!
10. Be Serious! I couldn't stop laughing! What about you? Laughter is contagious after all. Hahahaha!
11. Makeover Madness What d’you do that for? Where’s my TV gone? Redecorate later!
12. Who's the boss?! WOAH! No one told me this would happen when I let a girl into my house. This is nuts!

Season 3

13. Cookie War The oven really heated up the tensions between me and Angela! See for yourself!
14. My Turn! The magical hand is back - and there is a fight for his attention!
15. Operation Opera Angela said she was taking me to a music event. It didn't turn out the way I was expecting…
16. Bubble for Bubble I just played this awesome game called Mars Pop with Angela. Check out who won!
17. The Art of Packing There's something to be said for travelling light, but I don't think Talking Angela agrees. What do you think?
18. Attack of the Bookworm Books are fun! When you find a good one, you'll do anything to anything to get your paws on it!
19. Super Suction Angela is always bugging me to vacuum. I might have taken her too literally.

Season 4

20. Hit the Road Who says I am a bad driver? It is not my fault if Talking Angela always puts on her makeup at the wrong time.
21. Helping Hand You can’t believe how easy it is for me to get food on the table! But, sometimes, strange things happen...
22. Power Pirates Arrgh! Forget about wooden legs, hooks and cannons! These bubble pirates got a hold of some special powers...
23. Save Me! All Talking Angela wants to do is dance, but Talking Hank keeps getting in the way. Will Talking Tom help her out?
24. Wake Up! Talking Angela’s having sweet dreams and doesn’t want to wake up, no matter what The Hand does.
25. Sticky Jellies Talking Angela loves making cakes. But when it comes to decorating the cake for Talking Tom’s birthday, things get messy pretty quickly!

Season 5

26. What Should Angela Wear? A closet full of dresses and still nothing to wear? Sound familiar? To make things worse, Talking Tom is taking Talking Angela to concert so she needs to look good and be on time!
27. Hank's Glasses Talking Hank’s in trouble - he can watch TV, but everything looks blurry. What’s going on? Unsurprisingly, Hank finds the funkiest solution to his problem. Take a look!
28. Tangled in Space Talking Tom, Talking Angela and Talking Hank are in outer space! But Tom’s got his eye on reaching a particular star, which is just out of reach. Who knew getting a gift for Talking Angela would be so… out of this world!
29. Piano Battle Talking Tom and Talking Hank are playing the piano with their feet. Yes, you read that right - with their feet! One of them plays like a world champ… but which one? Watch now to find out!
30. The Apple Up the Rock Talking Tom and Talking Hank are lost in the desert. But a beacon of hope appears on the horizon… Who will be the first to reach it?!
31. Balloon Battle Talking Angela launches a surprise attack on the guys from a hot air balloon. But Talking Tom and Talking Hank aren’t going to take that lying down…

Season 6

32. The Last Cereal Talking Tom and Talking Angela go head-to-head in the supermarket because there’s only one box of cereal left. Who will emerge triumphant?
33. The Final Sticker Talking Angela’s minutes away from completing her sticker book. Nothing’s going to get in her way, right?
34. Upside Down Prank Talking Tom gets naughty and wants to prank Talking Hank. But his crazy plan backfires and strange things start to happen.
35. Unboxing Gifts You’d think getting presents would make Talking Tom and the gang happy, but no! It’s turning them against each other. Who knew gift giving could be so crazy?
36. Toilet Trouble Talking Hank’s having trouble unclogging his toilet, but Talking Tom and Talking Angela can’t help him because they’re off exploring the island!
37. Scary Movie It’s Halloween and Talking Tom and Talking Hank are watching TV, but the spooky show is not the only thing that scares them… There’s someone else in the house! Someone mysterious and out of this world. Who could it be? Watch and find out!
38. Monkey Business Talking Tom, Talking Angela, and Talking Hank are on a mission! They’ve got to take a photo of the monkey… but it’s proving harder than they thought!

Season 7

39. Tiger Attack A starry night, a campfire, marshmallows… What could possibly spoil such a great camping trip? Well...
40. Quiet, Please! Talking Angela just wants some peace and quiet to practice playing the guitar, but the guys keep appearing and making noise!
41. Stinky Dance Panic Talking Tom’s looking buff after working out, but he smells rough! With Talking Angela arriving any minute, can he get ready in time?
42. Pearl Thieves It’s all sun, sea, and sand for Talking Tom, Talking Angela, and Talking Hank. But then they discover a treasure at the bottom of the sea…
43. Football Freak ⚽ Go team, go! ⚽ Being a HUGE football fan, I’m totally ready for the most important match of the season. I have my favorite football jersey on and I’m ready to watch. It’s championship time!

Don’t you dare change the channel, Talking Angela! #thegameison

Season 8

44. Super Birthday Cake! 🎉 Happy Birthday to me! 🎉 You won’t believe the birthday cake that Talking Angela and Talking Hank made for me! All I have to do is blow out this tiny little candle and make a wish! Oh, wait… Crunchy candy cakes! Did I speak too soon?
45. Hit the Road... Again! It’s a day trip disaster! The car’s broken down, the tire’s rolling away… 😫 What are Talking Tom and Talking Angela going to do?!
46. Talking Angela's Dance Show 💃🏽🎉 It’s showtime, #LittleKitties! My big moment is finally here! It’s time to hit the stage and be a dancing superstar 🌟!
47. Toilet Rescue Patrol Talking Angela’s getting ready to have a super relaxing bubble bath when a call from Talking Tom turns her plan, or should we say her bath ducky, upside down… Can Tom save the day or will Talking Hank just flush the ducky away?
48. Haunted House It’s trick-or-treating time! Talking Tom and Talking Angela are dressed up in their best Halloween costumes ready to ring Talking Hank’s door. But the door’s already open… Who could have done that?!

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