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Talking Tom Heroes is an animated series by Outfit7. It premiered on April 26, 2019 on its own channel (Talking Ginger's original channel) and on May 15, 2019 on ABC Broadcast Channel. In the summer of 2019, the Russian TV channel "Karusel" showed all the episodes in the series (even those that had not been released on the Talking Tom Heroes YouTube channel at the time). These episodes can be found on Russian sites, such as "Butya Butya."


Get ready for an epic new adventure with your favourite friends! Talking Tom Heroes! With the help of mysterious crystals, Talking Tom and friends gain incredible powers! With Tom's super strength, Angela's amazing vision and speed, Ben's magnetic glove, Hank's backpack full of surprises and the help of young Ginger. They're up to any challenge but their greatest superpower is their friendship. Together, they'll bravely fight the bad guys, defend nature and protect the city. They will never give up!


  1. Fire-Breathing Magic Dinosaur
  2. Beat the Raccoon
  3. Giant Bubble Trouble
  4. The Missing Hero Crystal
  5. Attack of The Garbage Monster
  6. Celebrity Trap
  7. The Curse Of The Pyramid
  8. Mad Car
  9. The Lonely Yeti
  10. Stop The Slime!
  11. Boat Race Sabotage
  12. The Hungry Vacuum Cleaner
  13. Sugar Tornado Alert
  14. Power Thief
  15. Invasion of the Moles
  16. Ultra Eating Championship
  17. The Little Turtle
  18. The Jealous Pumpkin
  19. Haunted Toy House
  20. Hank the Robber
  21. The Sad Clown
  22. Mission Toothache
  23. Angela's Evil Twin
  24. Mysterious Backpack World
  25. Holiday Hero Training
  26. The Shadows
  27. The Super Ballerina
  28. The Angry Hero
  29. Robber on the Train!
  30. Ginger the Special Agent
  31. The Big Bubble Fight in the Laundry
  32. Frozen Friendship
  33. The Labyrinth Mystery
  34. Lazy Heroes
  35. Talking Tom Fights the Giant Crab
  36. Baby Potion
  37. The Pearl Robber and a Shark
  38. Broken Power Crystal
  39. New Hero on the Block
  40. Rainbow Color Rampage
  41. Revenge of the Garbage Monster
  42. Pancakes and Dinosaurs
  43. Stinky Angela
  44. The Sneaky Witch
  45. Smoggy Monster
  46. Squirrel Transformer
  47. Hank's Superpower Swap
  48. Super-Photographer
  49. Candy Robber Chase
  50. Teeny Tiny Heroes
  51. Bandits United
  52. Friendship is a Super Power


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