Talking Pierre

The Talking Pierre icon.

Talking Pierre is an application designed by Outfit7. It features a talking parrot named Pierre, and it comes with a variety of things to do with him. The application takes place inside a kitchen, and Pierre is standing near a sink and a blender.

Features (Free and Paid) Edit

  1. Pop out his eyes by tapping his head. (Free)
  2. Make Tom clang Pierre's body with his cymbals by touching his belly. (Free)
  3. Make Pierre imitate a Wild West Cowboy by tapping either one of his claws. (Free)
  4. Press the Blender button for Pierre to activate the blender; press it again to shut it off. (Free)
  5. Press the Tomato button to throw a tomato at Pierre, but only when you purchase the upgrade are you granted with the ability to hit him. Note*: If you throw a tomato and then don't do anything after, Pierre will mock you by shaking his feathered bottom at you. (Free and Paid, depending on whether you want to hit Pierre or not.)
  6. Press the Broken Teacup button for Pierre to toss a kitchen utensil or piece of garbage out of the sink. (Free)
  7. Press the faucet button for Pierre to spray water at you. (Paid)
  8. Say something to Pierre so that he will repeat it twice and give it a twist. (Free)
  9. Say something that Pierre did not get for Tom to appear and correct him. (Free)
  10. Record videos and share them. (Free)

Features (While Idle) Edit

  • Pierre will pick out things from his claws while moving around his eyes to see if anybody is watching.

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