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Talking Larry is a bird in the Talking Friends series. He is not in the TV show, but has his own talking app. Say anything and Larry will repeat. Larry will be appearing in Gina and Pierre returns

You can play the piano for him and he'll whistle a tune. You can feed him, shock him with lightning (which is pretty funny), poke him, explode him, and make him bow for a applause.

He is one of the less popular talking friends. but you can record videos of him and upload them to youtube or save them. It's 0.99¢ to get the app, but there is a free version with ads. He appears in Talking Tom, Talking Larry the Bird, Talking Santa (cameo), and Talking Angela. In Talking Angela, there are a few birds that look just like him.

​★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★

✔ Play on the piano keyboard and Larry will whistle.
✔ Talk and he will repeat everything you say.
✔ Poke him and he will not like it.
✔ Poke him in the head and he will spin.
✔ Give him seeds to eat.
✔ Strike him with lightning.
✔ Record videos and upload them to YouTube & Facebook or send them by email or MMS.

Friends and enemiesEdit

Friends: You and Tom.

Frenemies: You, if you poke him, explode him, and shock him. Tom, if he eats him. 😒

He may be included in future episodes of the talking friends show, made by disney channel. Called Larry Gina and Pierre

Voiced byEdit