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Talking Tom & Friends

These characters, created by Outfit7 in Apple Store were in a short show made by Disney Interactive! There are many apps that go along with this collection, and the characters in the apps are Tom, Ben, Pierre, Ginger, Gina, and Angela.

Then on 2015, Outfit7 created Talking Tom and Friends, an animated series with several changes: Ginger starts more pranks, Pierre does not appear, though mentioned in one of Angela's videos and Hank was introduced.

Story of the Talking Friends

The Talking Friends are funny and cute little characters, who repeat everything you say! Meet Tom the Cat, Ben the Dog, Angela the Fashion Lover, Ginger the Kitty, and Hank the TV Fan! They are funny, crazy, cute and adorable!

Outfit7 makes more and more episodes, some of the scripts of those episodes are here! Just click on Angela, Tom, Gina, Pierre, Ben or Ginger to see the scripts of their episodes!

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Members of Talking Tom
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  • AngelaGo to Angela
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