Super Tom
Season 1, Episode 8
Super Tom - Ginger's Super Strength
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Super Tom is the eight episode of Talking Friends.

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Ginger pretends to be a superhero and runs around the trailer park, before noticing an armadillo, mistaking it for a villain. The armadillo scares Ginger, who runs into Ben. Ben tells Ginger about the armadillo. Ginger tells Ben how much he wants to become a superhero. Ben leads Ginger into his trailer and shows the kitten a gadget that gives him a superpower-the power of being super strong. Ginger runs through the wall and tells Tom and Pierre about his new superpower. Tom and Pierre ask Ben to give them a superpower each. Tom gets the power of super speed, Ben for freezing, and Pierre gets the flight power. Pierre isn't allowed to get another power. The armadillo uses the gadget on itself, and it gets bigger and fiercer. The gang have fun with their new superpowers, until they see the giant armadillo. Ben has a plan. Pierre distracts the creature, and Tom tickles the beast. It rolls into a ball while laughing and Ginger pushes it. It rolls to Ben's trailer, but Ben creates an ice wall to protect his trailer at the last second. The armadillo rolls off the wall and over the gadget. The gadget smashes and the armadillo shrinks into his normal size. The gang realise that their powers are gone. Pierre falls, but he flies back down, because he's a bird. Tom think that the moral of this story is With great power comes great responsibility, but Ben reminds Tom that it isn't, so the gang decide to do something crazier.


Talking Friends - Talking Friends Ep8 Super Tom

Talking Friends - Talking Friends Ep8 Super Tom


  • This is the first Superhero-esque episode. The second is Superhero Picnic from Talking Tom and Friends.