Shake That Tail is the sixth episode of Talking Friends.

Shake That Tail
Season 1, Episode 6
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Ginger tries to defy gravity while Gina is filming, but fails. Ben thinks that Ginger was having dreams about flying again. Just then, Angela comes back in her pink car. Tom is excited to hear that Angela is back. She wants to make a dance video for her new song and had been thinking of a sassy dance. Tom says that the dance is fabulous for the 90's, and Angela needs something more great. They challenge each other to a dance-off. Whoever wins gets to choreograph. Tom, Angela, Ginger, and Pierre run off leaving Ben, who has a better idea. That night, they are doing the dance-off. Suddenly, the black and white checker floor starts to come alive. Pierre thinks that it is an earthquake. Ben walks in and tells them he made a Gravitronamator Dancer 4000. The dance floor becomes a big ball. Everyone inside the black and white ball starts flying. Later, Tom and Angela are watching the music video. Angela notices that the music video is very popular. Tom says that the camera loves him. In the end credits, Angela's song can be heard.

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Talking Friends - Talking Friends Ep6 Shake that Tail - by Disney

Talking Friends - Talking Friends Ep6 Shake that Tail - by Disney