"Friendship never ends!"
―Tagline for this season

Season 5 is the fifth season of Talking Tom and Friends. It was confirmed on April 3, 2019[1] and premiered on May 8, 2020. It will have 26 episodes alike the past three seasons. It would’ve been the second part of Season 4 if Season 3 had not been split into separate seasons with Season 2. Many of this season's episodes were listed on Radio Times site before they officially premiered on YouTube.


Why is Talking Tom so stressed out? Who's moving in with Talking Angela? Is Talking Hank about to go on his first ever date?!


Screenshot Title Directed by Release date Episode number #
Super Spy Tom.png "Neighbor Roy" Stefan Fjeldmark 8 May 2020 #01
A new neighbor is moving in next door! But Talking Tom thinks he’s… TOO perfect. Can he expose the new guy’s dark secret? Or is jealousy making him totally paranoid?
Talking Tom and Friends Season 5 Episode 2 Extended Sneak Peek 0-17 screenshot.png "Hank's First Date" Phillip Berg 22 May 2020 #02
Talking Hank is going on his first-ever date… And it’s with Talking Becca! Could it be that romance is in the air? Or is Hank about to mess this up in a way that only he can?
Trash.png "Smash the Trash" Niels Andersen Dolmer 5 June 2020 #03
After a new invention makes the friends paper-thin and light, they get blown out the window during a storm and have to find a way back home.
Smooth ride.png "Micro Spy Tom" Niels Andersen Dolmer 19 June 2020 #04
Talking Tom has a brilliant plan to find out what Roy Rakoon is up to – he’ll shrink himself and go inside his neighbor’s body! What could go wrong?
Ghost Truth.png "The New Old Roommate" Stefan Fjeldmark 3 July 2020 #05
Talking Angela has a ghost in her apartment! And even worse, the ghost is acting like a really rude roommate. What’s a girl gotta do to evict this mysterious creature?
The Girl.png "Ginger and the Girl" Niels Andersen Dolmer 17 July 2020 #06
Talking Ginger can’t wait to get started on his new science project… Until Ms. Vanthrax pairs him up with a GIRL! Now he’s got to make it through this without getting cooties. Or falling in love!
Cowboys.png "Dude Ranch Showdown" Phillip Berg 31 July 2020 #07
Talking Tom is supposed to chaperone Talking Ginger on a trip to a dude ranch, but he gets distracted when he finds out Roy Rakoon is there, too.
Dishwasher.png "Waitress Angela" Stefan Fjeldmark 14 August 2020 #08
A charity contest that was supposed to be fun forces Talking Angela to work a miserable job at the local diner.
Beach Day.png "Beach Day in the Desert" Phillip Berg 28 August 2020 #09
When their bus breaks down in the desert, the heat makes the friends turn on each other in a battle over frozen snacks!
Roommate War 19.png "Roommate War" Stefan Fjeldmark 11 September 2020 #10
Talking Angela and Talking Becca question their friendship when their roommate party reveals that they don't like any of the same things!
Prank Attack.png "Prank Attack!" Niels Andersen Dolmer 25 September 2020 #11
Talking Tom gets tired of Talking Ginger's constant pranks and decides it's time to get revenge.
Maximum Power.png "The Lullaby Monster" Phillip Berg, Stefan Fjeldmark 9 October 2020 #12
Talking Ben creates a lullaby machine that gets out of control and tries to put the whole world to sleep!
Realising Love.png "My Sweet Halloween" TBA 23 October 2020 #13
When a Halloween decorating contest between Talking Tom and Roy Rakoon gets intense, Tom goes big and brings his ghoulish decorations to life!
Alert Parents in Town.png "Alert! Parents in Town" TBA 6 November 2020 #14
The friends have to teach the MC to act like a normal adult when his unhip parents come to town.
Incredible Super-Fan.png "The Incredible Super-Fan" TBA 20 November 2020 #15
When Talking Hank hates the new 'Bongo & McGillicuddy' video game, he sets out on a crazed mission to destroy every copy.
Guru Tom.png "Tom the Guru" TBA 4 December 2020 #16
Talking Tom starts a popular new lifestyle movement, but loses control of it when his followers take his ideas too far.
Santa'sphonescreenshot.png "Santa's Phone" TBA 18 December 2020 #17
After learning that they're on Santa's Naughty List, the friends hack into his phone and try to erase their past misdeeds.
Roy Race.png "Roy to the Rescue" TBA TBA #18
After Roy Rakoon saves Talking Tom in a hot air balloon crash, Tom is horrified to realise that he owes his life to his worst enemy.
Becca Fierce pic.png "Becca Fierce" TBA TBA #19
Talking Angela tries to save her roommate when she finds out that Talking Becca has been getting her confidence from an evil, mind controlling wig!
NA.png "Breakup Curse" TBA TBA #20
After a fortune cookie declares that her relationship is doomed, Talking Angela desperately tries to avoid a breakup with Talking Tom.
NA.png "The Brave Sir Ginger" TBA TBA #21
Talking Ginger finds a magical sword that lets him become a gallant knight, but soon finds himself in a fight he’s not sure he can win.
NA.png "Who is Billy?" TBA TBA #22
When Talking Tom deletes a fake online identity that he was using to trick Roy Rakoon, a real-life search threatens to expose what he did!
NA.png "Angela's New Look" TBA TBA #23
Talking Angela struggles to adjust to her new life after an accident transforms her into a soccer ball!
NA.png "Genius Test" TBA TBA #24
After a school test determines that Talking Ginger is a genius, he learns to enjoy his status as the smartest boy in town.
Everybody Hates Tom.png "Everybody Hates Tom" TBA TBA #25
When Talking Tom and Talking Ben’s newest invention gets massively popular and then goes bad, suspicion for the sabotage falls on Tom.
NA.png "Talking Roy and Friends" TBA TBA #26
Rejected by his friends and hated by the town, Talking Tom plans a reckless heist to prove that Roy Rakoon set him up.





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