"The adventure continues!"
―Tagline for the season

Season 4 is the fourth season of Talking Tom and Friends. The season premiered on May 16, 2019 and it ended on March 27, 2020. It has another 26 episodes alike the past two seasons. This season would’ve been Season 3, if Season 2 had not been split into separate seasons with Season 1.


Screenshot Title Directed by Release date Episode number #
Searching for angela.png "Where’s Angela?" Phillip Berg 16 May 2019 #01
Talking Angela's missing! Will her friends be able to find her and bring her home? Or is she lost forever?
Queen.png "The Digital Queen" Phillip Berg  23 May 2019 #02
Talking Angela's been found! But something's not quite right... Is she still the same person? And does she actually want to go home?
Jeremy looking up.png "The Good Germ" Stefan Fjeldmark 4 July 2019 #03

Jeremy the Germ is a painfully gross roommate so Talking Tom and Friends try to help him control his worst impulses. Success? Not likely.

Link=Ben's Digital Detox "Ben's Digital Detox" Stefan Fjeldmark 11 July 2019 #04
Criminals want to steal a precious item from the garage! This is a chance for Talking Ben to jump into action – he’s been desperate for something to do since his tech ban…
Link=Worst Mayor Ever "Worst Mayor Ever" Phillip Berg 18 July 2019 #05
On Talking Tom's last day as Mayor, the Key to the City goes missing - Seems like a job for the incredible Detective Hank.
Better bodyguard.png "Tom the Bodyguard" Niels A. Dolmer, Stefan Fjeldmark 25 July 2019 #06
When a mad fan threatens Talking Angela’s comeback concert, Talking Tom decides the best choice to be her bodyguard is... Tom!
Screaming in the car.png "The Great Taxi Race" Phillip Berg 19 September 2019 #07
Talking Ben has a great new plan to save “Tom and Ben Enterprises” – he’s going to start the town’s only taxi service! To everyone’s surprise, Ben’s business starts booming... Until a new car shows up that’s cooler, cleaner, and fully computerized. Will the competition drive Ben out of town?
Rhonda taking a picture.png "Supermodel Tom" Phillip Berg 26 September 2019 #08
When Talking Tom becomes a supermodel, he loves being in the spotlight and getting lots of attention - until the reality of being a male model hits home - Hard
Becca, the new girl.png "Who is Becca?" Stefan Fjeldmark 4 October 2019 #09
There’s a new girl in town, Talking Becca – and she’s dissing Talking Angela’s music. What can this lead to?
Angela scaring MC.png "Mystery Crate Empire" Stefan Fjeldmark 11 October 2019 #10
Talking Tom and Talking Ben start selling boxes of things they don’t need. But the business goes so well they quickly run stuff to sell...
-savethetree.png "Save the Tree" Micheal Helmuth Hansen, Phillip Berg 18 October 2019 #11
When Talking Angela tries to stop the Landlord from chopping down a beloved tree, she wakes up a swarm of angry butt-pinching bugs.
This epic audition.png "Movie Star Angelo" Micheal Helmuth Hansen, Stefan Fjeldmark 25 October 2019 #12
Talking Angela wants a part in a big new movie... Even if she has to pretend to be a guy to get it!
Monster!!!.png "The Secret Life of Ms Vanthrax" Phillip Berg 30 October 2019 #13
Talking Ginger discovers that his teacher Ms Vanthrax has a secret life as a monster hunter. Is this for real, or is he just imagining things?
Mummy!.png "The Mystery of the Pyramid" Micheal Helmuth Hansen 8 November 2019 #14
Talking Angela's got a big gig! And it's in front of a cool ancient pyramid! But just as she's about to perform, weird things start happening...
Y'know, Angela.png "Happy Anniversary" Niels Andersen Dolmer 15 November 2019 #15
Talking Tom forgets his anniversary with Talking Angela and struggles to find the perfect last-minute gift.
Completely different.png "The Cursed Game" Niels Andersen Dolmer 29 November 2019 #16
A garage game night gets epic when the friends are pulled inside a cursed board game that won't let them out easily.
Good Guys.png "Hank's TV Party" Stefan Fjeldmark 6 December 2019 #17
Talking Hank’s sick on his birthday, but it becomes the best birthday ever after a visit from his favorite TV characters, Bongo and McGillicuddy.
The Germ Bros.png "The Bad Germ" Niels Anderson Dolmer 13 December 2019 #18
A visit from Jeremy the Germ's nasty brother makes the reformed germ fall back into his old bad-guy habits.
Mwah.png "Space Rescue" Phillip Berg 20 December 2019 #19
When Talking Tom gets lost in space, Talking Ben needs to find a way to get rid of his anti-tech bracelet so he can save his friend.
The Weather Machine 220.jpg "The Weather Machine" Niels Andersen Dolmer 21 December 2019 #20
Talking Ben's finally allowed to invent things again! But has he learned his lesson? Or will his inventions put the whole world at risk again?
Cheating.png "Boyfriend Stealer" Stefan Fjeldmark 22 December 2019 #21
As everyone prepares for a big town dance, Talking Angela becomes suspicious that Talking Tom’s spending a lot of time with Talking Becca.
Hank's Reflection.png "The New CEO" Niels Anderson Dolmer 31 January 2020 #22
The CEO's left Goldie the goldfish in charge of his company! But things get even weirder when Talking Hank's the only one who knows what his old fishy pal wants...
Last couple.png "Chocolate Battle" Phillip Berg 14 February 2020 #23
Talking Tom and Friends enter a battle royale for a big chocolate price, but not everyone’s playing fair. This means war!
GingerBasketball.png "Basketball Hero" Stefan Fjeldmark 28 February 2020 #24
Talking Ginger asks Talking Hank to join his basketball team, so Hank’s headed back to school!
Escape.png "Escape: Impossible!" Stefan Fjeldmark 13 March 2020 #25
When Talking Tom and Friends fall into a trap, TV detectives Bongo and McGillicuddy must figure out who's behind this dastardly deed.
E26 S4.png "Good Girls Fall for Bad Boys" Stefan Fjeldmark 27 March 2020 #26
Talking Angela gets pulled into another dimension where Tom’s a bad guy. And bad guys are kind of… Attractive!



  • From this season:
    • The main five characters are redesigned with actual clothes, like in Talking Tom Gold Run.
      • Angela, however, gets minor changes since she's been wearing clothes throughout the first three seasons.
    • "arx anima", the company that produced and developed the first three seasons, will now be replaced by "People Moving Pixels".
    • Jeremy is now voiced by Tom Kenny, Hank's voice actor.
    • The garage studio background resembling the default living room in My Talking Tom was changed to the one in the sequel.
    • A new title sequence featuring the gang's new looks and a re-imagined version of the theme song will appear after each new episode's open.
    • Characters don't say their usual catchphrases.
      • Ginger no longer says, "Sorry, not sorry!".
      • Hank doesn't greet The Landlord anymore.
  • Sneak peeks during the credits of the YouTube versions of episodes had stopped between "The Good Germ" to "Boyfriend Stealer". However, Tom, Ben, Angela or Hank will still request the viewer to subscribe nonetheless.
  • On record, this season has the most breaks mid-season; the first hiatus started after "The Digital Queen" because Outfit7 were too busy working on Talking Tom Hero Dash, thus making it the earliest hiatus in a season, and the most consecutive hiatus, if counting the wait for this season.
  • Coincidentally, this season premiered on the same month as Season 3.
  • Episodes now premiere every other Friday on YouTube starting in The New CEO.
  • Episodes now premiere on Fridays on YouTube starting in Who is Becca?.
  • Some of the episodes have the graphics changed.
  • This season doesn't end on a cliffhanger nor a two-parter, unlike every other seasons.


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