Season 2 of Talking Tom and Friends started airing on June 15, 2017 with “Forgotten Kiss", which picks up from a cliffhanger from the final episode of the previous season “A Secret Worth Keeping, Part 3” of the The Romantic Saga and A Secret Worth Keeping Trilogy. and ended in 2018 with “The Deep Secret”. It was originally going to have 52 episodes like the previous season, counting the pilot, however, the season was split into two at one point in development for unknown reasons. Even though it now has 26 episodes, the other half eventually became the next season, Some more characters have been made and being in Season 2, If Season 1 had 53 episodes, then “Forgotten Kiss” would be the season finale.


Screenshot Title Directed by Release date Episode number #
They kissed.png "Forgotten Kiss" Greg Manwaring 15 June 2017 #01
Talking Tom and Friends are back! But there’s something strange going on. Are they missing memories?
Nobody will stand Angela up.png "Extreme First Date" Fernando Pomares 22 June 2017 #02
Awkward! Talking Tom and Talking Angela are super weird around each other now. What’s going on?
Falling.png "Just Friends" Eric Cazes 29 June 2017 #03
With the carnival in town, Talking Tom and Talking Angela decide to put their plan to the test. Can they really just be friends?!.
Tom vs Ben.png "Couples Clash (Part 1)" Lee Stringer, Philipp Seis 13 July 2017 #04
Competition heats up at Tom and Ben Enterprises when everyone tries to get to the top of the trending board.
Couples moment.png "Couples Clash (Part 2)" Eric Cazes 20 July 2017 #05
Two couples enter. One couple leaves. Who will win the epic game of Couple Clash?
Ben's the smartest.png "The Backup Genius" Lee Stringer 27 July 2017 #06
Talking Ben decides to get an assistant, but his friends are suspicious of the new guy.
Inner nerd.png "The Cool and the Nerd" Eric Cazes 3 August 2017 #07
An old friend is back, but there’s something strange about him...
B,a,t hiding.png "The Sabotage" Fernando Pomares 10 August 2017 #08
Talking Angela’s a pop star! Turns out Talking Tom’s a pretty good manager. Or is he? Maybe he should have read the fine print about who he sold the song to…
Tom VS CEO.png "Vote for Tom!" Fernando Pomares 17 August 2017 #09
The race is on! Election night is fast approaching, but there’s still everything to play for! Who’s going to be the next mayor? Talking Tom or the CEO?
LET'S TAKE A GROUP SELFIE.jpg "Happy Town" Fernando Pomares 5 October 2017 #10
Talking Tom’s the mayor! All he wants to do now is make people happy. But that proves way more complicated than he first thought..
Link:The Nerd Club "The Nerd Club" Lee Stringer and Phillip Seis 12 October 2017 #11
Talking Ben wants to hang out with more intellectual people. The Smarties! But not everyone’s pleased with his new choice of friends.
Link:Taco Spaghetti Burger "Taco Spaghetti Burger" Fernando Pomares 19 October 2017 #12
Talking Hank’s latest food creation turns into an instant sensation! Have you tried the #TSB yet?
Link:Double Date Disaster "Double Date Disaster" Fernando Pomares 26 October 2017 #13
Woah! What’s that?! Talking Tom and the gang are stuck in the diner during a storm, but is there something more than thunder and lightning out there?
Link:Email Fail "Email Fail" Eric Cazes 2 November 2017 #14
Email fail! Talking Tom accidentally just sent a top secret master plan to his enemy, the CEO. Can he stop it reaching him?
Link:Babysitter Tom "Babysitter Tom" Eric Cazes 9 November 2017 #15
Talking Tom’s about to undergo his greatest challenge yet – he’s going to be… the nanny!
Link:Garage Feast Day "Garage Feast Day" Eric Cazes 16 November 2017 #16
It’s Garage Feast Day! But the celebrations get slightly off track when Talking Ben’s son, Boomerang, comes for a visit with his new girlfriend.
Link:Back to School "Back to School" Fernando Pomares 23 November 2017 #17
Talking Ben’s latest invention is gone! But even when they realise where it is, getting it back won’t be easy.
Link:The Love Ride "The Love Ride" Lee Stringer,Phillip Seis 30 November 2017 #18
Long distance is taking its toll on Talking Ben and Xenon, but not for much longer – she’s coming for a visit! What could possibly go wrong?
Link:Bye,Bye Bongo! "Bye, Bye, Bongo!" Eric Cazes 7 December 2017 #19
Talking Hank’s just got some bad news – his favorite TV show is ending. He’ll do anything to stop it, even cross dimensions!
Link:Space Conflicts VIII "Space Conflicts VIII" Eric Cazes 14 December 2017 #20
Talking Tom’s favorite movie is about to debut its 8th installment and the guys are super excited. But - GASP - Talking Angela’s never watched it!
Link:Saving Santa "Saving Santa" Phillipp Seis 21 December 2017 #21
Ho Ho NO! Someone’s kidnapped Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Can Talking Tom and the gang save him and Christmas?!
Link:Angie Fierce "Angie Fierce" Eric Cazes 28 December 2017 #22
Talking Angela creates an alter ego for the stage. But not everyone’s a fan of the new Angela...
Link:Landlord In Love "Landlord In Love" Lee Stringer 16 February 2018 #23
The Landlord wants to sell the app studio and move to a tropical island! Can the gang change his mind?
Link:Fishy Business "Fishy Business" Fernando Pomares 23 February 2018 #24
Talking Hank gets a surprise in his slushie, which is weird enough, but it soon turn out that the situation is much fishier than the gang originally thought…
Link:Angela The Psychic "Angela The Psychic Eric Cazes, Phillip Seis 2 March 2018 #25
While Talking Ginger’s learning that you shouldn’t mess with wishes, Talking Angela taps into her powers as a psychic. What could possibly go wrong?!
Link:The Deep Secret "The Deep Secret" Eric Cazes,Alejandro Lopez Granados 9 March 2018 #26
The mystery game the gang’s playing gets really mysterious when Talking Tom realises that Talking Angela has a real-life secret she’s hiding…. What could it be?

Cancelled Episodes

These Episodes were written and planned but never aired. That means they were cancelled.[1]




  • This season has the most two/three-part episodes, episodes 1-11 were all connected with each other and then later episode 26. 
  • This is the only season so far in which Jeremy does not appear in, even though he was planned to appear in that season, before they decided to split the season into two for unknown reasons.
  • This is also the only season to not use yellow for the season number on the episode thumbnails (having green instead), not counting Season 1, which only used episode numbers. 
  • Three written episodes were cancelled for unknown reasons.


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