Season 1
S1 (made)


Greg Manwaring, Stefan Fjeldmark, Udo Beissel,


Outfit7 and arx anima


Colin Hanks, Maria Bamford, Lisa Schwartz, James Adomian, Tom Kenny, Brian Stack, Josh Fadem, Dave Willis and Suzi Barrett

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The first season started airing in 2015 and ended airing in 2016. It has 53 episodes.

Episodes Edit

Episodes Edit

Pilot Edit

Screenshot Title Directed by Release date Episode number #
Tom Slouching "The Audition" Greg Manwaring 23rd December 2014 #00
Tom wants to make an audition video to convince TV producers to give him his own reality show, but not everything goes as planned.

Season Episodes Edit

Screenshot Title Directed by Release date Episode number #
UntalkingTom40 "Untalking Tom" Greg Manwaring 30th April 2015 #01
Tom and Ben plan to enter their Shockingly Secure Anti-theft app in the prestigious "So-You-Think-You-Can-App" app design contest, but when Tom accidentally electrocutes himself, he loses his voice. An Tom doctor recommends Tom not use his voice for a week, or he will damage it permanently. Ben tries to present their app by himself at the contest. Tom decides his friendship with Ben is more important and joins Ben on stage.
FriendlyCustomerService4 "Friendly Customer Service" Stefan Fjeldmark, Udo Beissel 4th June 2015 #02
After Tom releases the Talking Ben app prematurely, there are so many angry customers that Ben cannot fix bugs and handle customer service, so he fixes up Gilbert, an answering machine robot. However, he programs him to not let anyone go until they are his friend. Tom at first is impressed by Gilbert's responses, but when he and Ben try to leave to go to an amusement park, Gilbert wants to go too, and won't let them leave the garage until they're friends.
T and B astonished "Future Tron"Greg Manwaring 21th May 2015 #03
Tom and Ben attend a convention featuring visionary inventors Steve Hobbs and Steve Bosniak, but when they try to meet the famous duo backstage, they discover the two dislike each other and want to break up their partnership. Tom and Ben are afraid that they will too, so they pull out a device called the Future Tron 6000 which lets them view their future on a television screen. As it turns out, their future is worse, so they try to fix it, but nothing works. They begin to fight until Angela points out that they are allowing the future to control the present.
Tom calling Angela "Assertive App" Udo Beissel 7th May 2015 #04
While Tom, Ben and Hank are filming a commercial for their Sing Like a Pro app, an invention they planned for Angela that converts No voices into singing, the gardener interrupts by running a leaf blower and then a jack hammer. After seeing Ginger shout to the gardener to stop making noise, the two invent a megaphone called the Assertive App which commands whoever listens to it to do what the person says. However, Ginger gets ahold of the convention and orders Tom, Ben, and Hank to give him candy. Angela, who was not happy that the guys did not show up at the announcement, seems to be immune to the Assertive App effects.
Ben being Zapped "Magnetic Ben" Greg Manwaring 18th June 2015 #05
Tom and Ben plan to face Ginger and the gardener in a game of horseshoes event called the Kentossy Derby. But Ben receives an invitation from a university, and decides to attend that instead of the finals. There, he discovers he isn't going to be a colleague but a test subject to the effects of high doses of EMF. When he returns, he discovers he has become a magnet.
Ben'sHighScore168 "Ben's High Score" Udo Beissel 16th July 2015 #07
Ben records a how-to video for a Flappy Bird-style video game called Flappy Talking Tom, where he plans to give Hank tips while the latter plays it. However, Hank turns out to be quite capable at the game, even beating Ben's high score. Hank challenges Ben to a match called the "Barrage in the Garage". Ben becomes very stressed over trying to beat Hank, who Eats Some Bees Is Not A Food Ben Try to Go is very Scary to relaxed and eats a Bee. Ben eventually collapses but wins the challenge, after which, Ginger comes and beats his score.
Fate "Strategic Hot Mess" Greg Manwaring 30th July 2015 #08
Angela has a concert at the park, but the guests do not care for her singing, and even tell her to sing quietly. But when Ginger takes posts Pig of her Farm. And upset and flipping a table, she starts becoming popular on the ClickFeed Hot New Celebrity List. Angela hires Ginger as her new image consultant. Ginger then sets up a fake date between Tom and Angela in order to film them breaking up. When that video tops the list, Angela has second thoughts about her celebrity image being more important than her singing career.
ManOnTheMoon1 "Man on the Moon (Part 1)" Greg Manwaring 13th August 2015 #09
It's the annual best friends camping trip for the gang, but this year is a little different. Ben is not happy that Tom invited Angela to come, and that Hank invited Ginger. Sir Topham Hatt was cross too. At the camp, where no one seems to care about traditions, they see an Ultramoon. Hank heads off on his own but discovers he is able to chat on the Internet with the moon, and becomes friends with it. Much to Angela and Tom's dismay, Ben becomes more enamored of his new friend, and Hen eats Moon after a hike, decides that he is going to go to the moon.
Ben making a moon angel "Man on the Moon (Part 2)" Greg Manwaring, Udo Beissel 8th October 2015 #10
Ben leaves the gang and heads off to the Moon. He has a good time there. Meanwhile, Tom talks with the others about how Ben would always say no to his ideas, but the others recall situations where Ben's saying no was actually helpful. Tom decides to develop Talking Tom-Tom, an app that converts speech to drum beats, but can't work the computer. When Hen and Tom comes across a desktop video where Ben had been working on the app, he breaks down and cries, as he misses his friend and business partner. Ben is about to propose to the Moon but when another lover arrives, Ben Kick it off and returns to Earth.
Angela is sorry "Hank the Millionaire" Stefan Fjeldmark 15th October 2015 #11
Hank needs money to buy a hamburger, so Tom suggets that he uses crowdfunding website CahsKicker. Hank raises a million dollars but make good on his promise of eating a burger with every person who had contributed to his campaign.
App-yHalloween!1 "App-y Halloween!" Phillip Berg 22nd October 2015 #12
Tom And the gang Watch TV. Hank Tries by zapping them into his eyes. Ben phone Eats It, After The App Is Done She Throw It and Bites.

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