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"What if he's a jerk? Nah, I'm just kidding. He's me! Hi new neighbors, I'm Roy."
Neighbor Roy

Roy Rakoon is the main antagonist in Season 5 of Talking Tom and Friends.


Roy is a tall anthropomorphic raccoon. He has a round black nose, a goatee, wears suspenders and a black-and-white striped shirt and white sneakers. His black patch of skin near his eyes looks like a burglary mask, which foreshadows his potential occupation as a thief.


Roy is a very sneaky and mischievous character. He is able to trick and manipulate others into believing what he says. So, most of the citizens around him are very trusting of him, and only Tom saw through his lies. Still, Roy's true intentions weren't confirmed until "Everybody Hates Tom".


Talking Tom Gold Run

Roy is the main antagonist of Talking Tom Gold Run. He would run past Tom with a large sack of gold, starting the game. The player, as Tom, would chase after Roy, occasionally hitting Roy with a hammer.

Talking Tom and Friends

Neighbor Roy

He moved in next door to Tom. The museum made a statue of him since he was cooler than Tom.

He later hosted a house-warming party when Tom noticed the secret rooms were all over his house. He also found museum blueprints and an antique crown. He theorized he moved in for burglary.

Tom caught Roy sneaking into the museum and alerted the security, but Roy explained that he was really only anonymously dropping off an antique crown. This greatly humiliated Tom and damaged his reputation.

Later Roy visited Tom and told him that he hoped there were no hard feelings about what happened. He said he was glad Tom was his friend, because nobody is gonna believe him after he made a fool of himself. It was clear that Tom was right about Roy getting along, and that he really is a burglar.

Micro Spy Tom

Roy hosted an art auction in his mansion, in which the profits would go towards a donut statue. Tom had stolen a submarine from Ben to microshrink and enter Roy's brain with. After crashing into his brain, Roy began to act strangely, causing confusion and anger from the audience. After Ben, Hank and Ginger entered Roy with a microshrunk taxi to rescue Tom, they also triggered odd behaviors from Roy. He lost control of his body and trashed his auction room, almost revealing a secret room (presumed to contain blueprints or gadgets to carry out an evil plan).

Dude Ranch Showdown

Roy was singing a song to his students, and then meets Tom. He asked if the school needed a shaperone. Roy winks at Tom, which angers him. Roy was playing an instrumental song to the school, until a map fell from his cowboy hat. In Tom's imagination, he is shown to be near some rocks and ran. He then went into the mine and went on the minecart. Before Tom grabbed him, it was known to be just a mirage after all. During the beanbag war, Roy was about to get Ginger, then Tom, Ben and Hank threw beanbags at him and soon Roy got knocked out defeated with Ginger, Tom, Ben and Hank winning.

My Sweet -Halloween

Tom and the others are just denying the Halloween decorating contest until Ginger (the host) mentions Roy in that contest. After that they go to his house where Roy greets them and Tom decides to participate in that contest too. The gang decorates the garage but cannot surpass Roy's decoration yet. Tom, Ben and Hank keeps decorating but are continuously horrified by Roy's creepy decorations. Ginger and his contest team shows up by giving marks to the gang but they are still lower than Roy, who has almost won Then Ben decides to bring to life the pumpkins with a realizer and shows Roy. Roy tricks Ben for saying things that the pumpkins didn't like and started attacking.

Roy tries to escape but is trapped with the attacked gang. Then they hide in the storage with Roy and Tom finds a plan. Tom alive the valentine decorations with the realizer to attack the pumpkins. The valentine decorations help the gang to defeat the pumpkins but Ginger and his team shows up again to give final marks. The team gives the gang zero and Roy wins but the valentine decorations start follow him.

The Incredible Super- Fan

Bongo & McGillicuddy in disguises go to Roy’s house, knock on Roy's door, and ask him if he saw Hank around. Roy tells them that he saw Hank flying in sky. He directs them to the technology store.

Santa's Phone

Roy’s silhouette is pictured on Santa’s Naughty and Nice list.

Roy to the Rescue

Roy was willing to save Tom. As he grabbed Tom, He went on his balloon. Roy tried to take the grappling hook off, but it was trapped, which cause them to fall into a forest. Tom & Roy were alive, alone in the forest.

Who is Billy?

Tom made a fake online personality to try and find Roy's secrets. Roy comes to the garage to tell the gang that Billy was missing.

Everybody Hates Tom

Tom and Ben's new invention, The Helping Hand was malfunctioned by Roy to steal people's belongings. Roy wrote a fake diary saying Tom would do anything to save Tom and Ben Enterprises.

Talking Roy and Friends


  • He is currently the only animal who isn't a main character.
  • Roy originated from an app called Talking Tom Gold Run.
  • His last name “Rakoon” isn’t mentioned in the episodes that he’s in, although his last name was mentioned in the end credits.
  • Roy is the only character in Talking Tom and Friends who is a racoon.
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