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Talking Pierre is a male green parrot and is one of the lead characters in the Talking Friends Franchise. He is also one of the characters in the Talking Tom and Friends franchise. He can be immature and a bit of a prankster, but is otherwise nice and a good friend to the others.

He also appears in his own app "Talking Pierre".


Pierre is a slender green parrot with blue eyes, light green feathers around his eyes, and green wings. He also has a long tail, feathers on the top of his head, and a sharp yellow-orange beak.


Pierre is immature, a prankster, and a bit rude. He seems to lack manners, as Tom and Ben always try and teach him them, though he doesn't listen. He considers having fun the most important thing to him. He is said to be very loud about his opinions, and can get into arguments easily. Despite all this, he seems to still mostly get along with his friends, and he does seem to really care about them.

Pierre loves video games, and can get addicted to them sometimes. He tends to brag about the high scores that he gets. He is also a great musician, who loves rock music. He plays music on his electric guitar.



Pierre and Tom seem to be good friends, and Pierre even lives in Tom's house with him. Tom does get annoyed by him sometimes, usually from Pierre smashing things in his house or making a mess.


Along with Tom, Ginger seems to be one of Pierre's closest friends. They tend to hang around each other a lot, and Ginger seems to be the person that Pierre likes being around the most.


Pierre and Ben do seem to be friends, but Pierre does often get annoyed by Ben's many inventions.


Pierre is friends with Angela as well. Apparently, they get along very well, though Angela does seem to get very annoyed when he plays pranks on her.


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