Multipli-Kitty is the seventh episode of Talking Friends. It first aired on August 10, 2012. In this episode, Ben makes Tom go multiple with his latest invention.

Season 1, Episode 7
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Plot Edit

Tom has a yummy sandwich waiting for somebody to eat it. Ginger tosses a ball and yells, "Catch Uncle!" Tom doesn't catch it and it ends up hitting his nose. Ginger clings onto Tom and Tom walks out of his trailer, as Ginger begs Tom to play with him (which Tom has never done before). Ginger spots a bug and chases it. Tom sneaks into Ben's trailer and spots Ben who wants the sandwich too. Unfortunately, it's Tom's last sandwich and he wishes everyone had enough. Ben shows Tom a mirror, and then a machine called The Uber Duper Duplicator, a machine that copies everything that goes through it, like Tom's sandwich. They are ready to eat it, when Ginger scratches the window. Tom wishes there were two of him, then he has an idea. He runs through the UDD and a copy appears. It sadly walks away with Ginger. Ben suspiciously tells Tom that the copy was different. Ben walks away, eating his sandwich. Tom decides that if having two of him is good, having dozens of him would be awesome! He runs through the UDD again. Meanwhile, a gaming Tom steals Pierre's gaming console and both try to get it back. A smart Tom tells Ben about his homework. A confused Ben opens his trailer door, and dozens of Toms fell out. It's hard to find the real Tom. Some Toms steal Ginger's toy, Giraffe Gina, and some just jump around.

Ben needs to get the Toms back to where they came from, but he doesn't know how! Then he realises that the UDD split him into different emotions, but they all have something in common. He drags the mirror to his trailer door and yells, "You better look at yourself! Your fur is a mess!" Quickly, the cats run into the trailer and disappear.

At the end of the morning, Ginger notices the real Tom and tells him that he was unable to find the real Tom after the Tom incident. Tom invites Ginger to play and the two hug.

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Errors Edit

  • When Ben eats his sandwich, it's shown whole.
  • When Ginger says he couldn't find the real Tom, the real Tom is shown once, in the middle when he's surrounded by six Toms.

Video Edit

Talking Friends - Talking Friends Ep7 Multipli-Kitty - by Disney

Talking Friends - Talking Friends Ep7 Multipli-Kitty - by Disney