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"♫ And so from this day on you'll see, Jeremy will be clea- ♫"
The Good Germ

Jeremy is a supporting character in Talking Tom and Friends. He is a germ who was enlarged by Ben due to the Germ Positioning System (GPS), and had a reputation of making people sick. He is voiced by Josh Fadem (Season 1 and 3) and Tom Kenny (Season 4). As of "The Bad Germ", he works at Jerry's as a chef.


In "The Germinator", Jeremy, who was enlarged by the GPS by Ben so that he could free the garage of germs, infected Hank. At first, he appeared very friendly, but had a pure hatred towards Ben. Ben then realised Jeremy had made Hank sick, and tried to convince the others it was dangerous. In the end, Jeremy was flushed. Episodes later, in "Germinator 2: Zombies", he came out of the bathroom thanks to some other similar-looking germs who gave him a boost. He then infected ben, then the two infected the entire town. Fortunately, since Tom, Angela, Ginger and Hank were infected before, they became immune to ever having it again. Therefore, they successfully cured Ben with Angela’s aunt’s famous soup that cures anything. And to prevent Jeremy from infecting people ever again, he wore a dummy over his invisible nose and a bonnet.

In Season 3, during the "Glitch Apocalypse", Jeremy makes a deal with Tom to stay in his garage so he could fall into the void in the garage to separate the normal world and the SquareStack world.

In "The Good Germ", Jeremy changes his dirty ways after learning to be clean, and becomes more friendlier after getting a new clean space in the garage.

In "The Bad Germ", it is revealed he has a hobby for cooking and a dream for becoming a chef. His dream later becomes true and earns a job at Jerry's as their chef.


Jeremy was evil and wanted to infect everybody but during the Glitch Apocalypse, Jeremy wanted to stay in the garage with Tom and made a deal with him, and then he gets thrown into the hole to fix the world, so technically he was the hero of the episode. At the end of "The Good Germ", he is kind-hearted because everybody made a clean spot for Jeremy.


Zombify: Jeremy is able to transform anyone he licks or sneezes on into a germ zombie that then infects anyone it comes into contact with.

Mass Increasement: Jeremy is able to naturally increase his size by eating trash and other objects.


  • Jeremy is absent in Season 2, although he was planned to appear before the crew of Talking Tom and Friends decided to split Season 2.
  • Jeremy only appears in 1 episode of Season 3.
  • Jeremy is the second non-human character created for the series, the first being Hank.
  • Season 4 is the most he appeared in the series.
  • Jeremy pronounces "garage" properly in Where's Angela? However, in "The Good Germ", he pronounces it geh-ridge.
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