Hermione is a female cat and Angela's mother. There is not much information about her and she is only mentioned by Angela. Her first actual, and canon appearance was in the "My Talking Angela Official Trailer", were only her shadow could be seen.

Family or FriendsEdit

Jack - husband, father of Angela

Angela - Daughter

Agatha - Grandmother


Hermione is mentioned in conversations about Angela's family in "Talking Angela" and "Tom Loves Angela". She is said to have white fur and green eyes, much like her daughter, only the eye color is a difference. It is mentioned that she's an interior designer.


  • Hermione allegedly thinks Tom is a bad influence on her daughter, Angela.
  • In the Talking Tom and Friends animated series, episode "The Voice Switch", when Tom and Angela accidentally switched their voices, Tom had to answer Angela's phone call by her mother. A voice that was heard on the phone belonged to Hermione. However, Hermione's name hasn't been mentioned in the episode nor the series.
  • Ever if she appeared once, it was never credited who provided her voice.