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"Sorry, not sorry."
―Ginger's catchphrase

Ginger is one the main protagonists in Talking Tom and Friends.


Ginger is an orange cat who is most likely a tabby. He has blue eyes, and a pink nose. Starting with Season 4, he wears a purple shirt, dark blue overalls, and red sneakers.


Ginger is playful, and a prankster. He loves pranking people, and can be fairly cruel sometimes, even if he doesn't intend to be. He is also very immature, and gets into trouble a lot. He loves candy and will do what he can to get it. He hates romance as he finds it disgusting although is occasionally mildly interested and concerned when he thinks Hank doesn't have a girlfriend.


  • Ginger's gender has often been confused for being a female, probably because “Ginger” is more of a feminine-type name.
  • Ginger's family are the second-richest people in town, after the CEO.
  • Ginger's voice actress, Maria Bamford, also voices Becca Sparkles, and several amount of characters so far.
  • Ginger starts wearing clothes from Season 4 just like the others (not including Angela).
  • Most of the apps Ginger is featured in are designed for younger children and to help them learn.
  • According to The Audition and multiple other episodes, Ginger is 7 years old.
  • Ginger's birthday lands on April 7th.
  • Like the rest of the friends, Ginger gets an outfit change in Waitress Angela.
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