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Gina is a female giraffe who is one of the lead characters in the Talking Friends franchise. She is Ginger's best friend, Gina also is a mother as she has children.

She also appeared in her own titular app named after herself.


Gina is a tall giraffe with small brown eyes, brown spots, Black hooves. She has a small tail and a peach face and short mane that connects all the way down to her back. She, like most of the group, doesn't wear clothes.


Gina is kind hearted and friendly to everyone. She is known to be a good listener, and is great at giving out advice. She always makes sure the Talking Friends gang is secure and having fun. Gina is very smart, and likes to teach her babies about the world. She is also said to be very relaxed



Gina and Tom are good friends, and Tom thinks she is kind and very helpful thanks to her tallness. Gina may have a crush on Tom, as in You get me, Tom accidentally kisses her, which she seems to like. However, the music video is likely non-canon, so this is unknown.


Ginger and Gina are best friends. Gina always makes sure to take care of Ginger, and keep him out of trouble.

 A pack of baby giraffes

Gina knows a pack of baby giraffes, and tries to take care of them. She likes to show and teach them about the world. She likes to take them out with her, whether she goes camping, cycling, boating, skateboarding, ice skating, roller skating, flying in her plane, driving in her car, skydiving, and more.


Gina has 10 children.

Talking Tom Shorts

Gina makes a cameo appearance In a minisode starring talking Tom, “Lights Out". Gina is a hidden Easter egg. A stuffed toy Gina is sitting on Talking Tom's shelf.


  • Gina is one of the characters not to appear in the reboot series Talking Tom and Friends along with Pierre.
    • Although, Gina does have a small cameo. A picture of Gina is seen commonly on a cereal box.
  • According to the Talking Friends Cartoons app, the reason why she was a stuffed toy in the Talking Friends miniseries was because she was too busy to attend the filming.
  • Gina was retired by Outfit7 in late 2014. However, Outfit7 did not announce anything, and she simply disappeared, as her app was taken down, and she was removed from nearly everything.
  • Gina was confirmed to be 20 years old in Talking Angela.
  • Hank is likely a Gina's replacement, as although they do not have very similar personalities, Hank replaced Gina in nearly every official picture, and Gina was deleted at the same time Hank was introduced.
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