Gilbert is a robot made by Gil and Bert. It was named after its creators.

Original versionEdit

The original version of Gilbert was a computer that provided customer service. It did not work properly, and they got rid of it by selling it to Tom.

New versionEdit

Ben reprogrammed it, both inside and outside. Gilbert's original prime directive was to answer questions, but it was terrible at that. When Tom suggested that they should make it act more human, Ben said that would cause it to be worse at its prime directive. Tom told him to make it more friendly, and that would make it better to deal with customers. Unfortunately, Ben took Tom's exact words which where "don't let anybody go until they're your friend." Tom was just giving that as an example, but it resulted in Gilbert becoming too friendly. First, it started out good, but it backfired when Gilbert started getting violent when people were even a little not friendly. Eventually, they tricked Gilbert into being not friendly, and then they restored him to his original version, a computer.[1]

References Edit

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