Foolf is the second episode of the Disney show "Talking Friends."

Season 1, Episode 2
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Characters Edit

  • Talking Tom Cat
  • Talking Ben the Dog
  • Talking Ginger the Ginger Cat
  • Talking Pierre the Parrot
  • Talking Gina the Squeaky Toy Giraffe
  • Person on iPad

Synopsis Edit

The episode begins with Pierre lounging in his hammock out in the open. Ben, who is now wearing a football helmet and holding a golf club, slams a football in the ground using the club, sending it straight into Pierre, who is enraged. He accuses Ben of footballing him, telling him that since it was a football that hit him, he should've said "Hike" instead of "Fore." Ben revenges by saying both Hike and Fore and then slamming another football into Pierre. Right at this time, Tom and Ginger exit their trailer, playing with an iPad displaying a talking human, their counterpart of our Talking Friends. After tricking Ginger into repeating a disgusting statement, Tom calls Ben a genius, afterwards explaining that they should combine the two sports and call it Foolf. They head into the trailer, and Tom explains that they need good costumes in order to start playing. Pierre plays a trick on Ginger by shining a red dot onto the curtains, causing him to swiftly leap into the curtains, tearing them down while Tom and Ben are discussing the sport. He then mentions that he has taken gymnastics, advising another sport to combine with football and golf. Tom promptly renames it Foolfnastics, and then Ben concludes that he thought of adding more sports, which Tom easily agreed to. Outside, in the open, Ben, still wearing his football gear and holding his club, says "Fore, Hike!" and slams the football while Tom and Ginger tackle him down. The football swiftly darts to different obstacles, including a trampoline and basket hoop, before finally landing in the bleachers, crashing into Pierre. Ginger asks what it is called, and Tom names it Foolfnasticsdivebasketskiball. The three laugh, and then leave for the trailers, leaving Pierre still in the bleachers.

Video Edit

Talking Friends - Talking Friends Ep2 Foolf - by Disney

Talking Friends - Talking Friends Ep2 Foolf - by Disney