―Darren's catchphrase

Darren is the nephew of the CEO and Ginger's most hated arch-rival (as much as how hated his uncle is to Tom and Ben). He made his first debut in the episode "Tennis Kid" as Ginger's rival.


He is a male who has blonde spiky hair, blue eyes, white polo, and freckles. In "The Backup Genius", he wears green and black shorts and bow with black and green striped grid design. In any other episode, he wears a white polo with a gold D.


He acts really snobby, selfish and spoiled, believing himself to be the best. He is in one of the richest families in town, which likely explains his behavior and attitude. His snobby nature was likely influenced greatly by being the nephew of the corrupt CEO.

He is also extremely scandalous, cheating many times throughout the show to get what he wants, He has a British-American accent but then in "Basketball Hero" he is heard to have a British accent.


Tennis Kid

He competes in a tennis match against Ginger. Leading up to the game, he'd brag about how Ginger would be better off just forfeiting. He beats Ginger fifteen to zero, and wins a trip to the International Space Station.

The Backup Genius

He returns to be Ben's protégé. They worked together to design rocket boots. The rest of Ben's friends weren't so trusting of Darren, but Ben brushes it off. Darren stays behind while Ben and his friends went out.

Ben and his friends return to find the rocket boots were missing. At first they blame Ginger for stealing the boots, but they see a TV broadcast with the CEO wearing the boots. They find out that Darren had stolen the boots for the CEO to sell. But, Ben still had the controls on his tablet, so he makes the boots crash into Darren.

Treasure Hunt

He found Tom and the gang with a treasure map, so he told the CEO and they went off following Tom and stole the treasure, only to find it was full of bees.

The Lost Scouts

He fell in the pit with Ginger, and then they started fighting, then they ended up working together to get out of the pit.

Escape: Impossible!

He was seen in a flashback of past villains played by Bongo.

Talking Roy and Friends

He helped Tom uncover Roy's secret.


  • He is seemingly the smartest student in Ms. Vanthrax's class.
  • He likes to press buttons that make the elevator go stuck in the CEO Tower, as per "Fishy Business".
  • It was revealed in "The Backup Genius" that he is the nephew of the CEO
  • He has had 6 major appearances.
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