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"I’m going to be mayor and on day one I’m going to put Tom and Ben Enterprises out of business forever!"
The Sabotage

Carl, more well-known as the CEO, is the main antagonist of Season 2 and 3 in Talking Tom and Friends.


Carl has been given so much in his life that he became a billionaire. He is mostly under the alias of "The CEO". He loves his pet goldfish more than anything in the world, except his nephew Darren and himself.

His nephew is Darren, which would explain the way he behaves.


Carl has blonde hair and a moustache. He also sports a black coat along with a tie and a white suit underneath it. His black coat is sometimes striped.


Carl shows himself as generous in A Secret Worth Keeping: Part Two, but after he memory-erases Tom and the gang 93 times in Forgotten Kiss, he reveals his true self as the antagonist of Season 2. He may also have anger and trust issues as he only has his fish, Goldie, as a true friend to him. In The Other Tom, if his plan failed he was going to make his robot clone of Tom, Tim, explode which means he would let his anger get the better of him and go out to kill Tom.

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  • He resembles Donald Trump.
  • He is Tom and Ben's mortal enemy.
  • He appears to be married or previously married as he is wearing a ring on his hand.
    • There is also a picture of a female version of Carl which was most likely his wife.
  • He is the richest person in town with over 1 billion dollars.
  • He gets frustrated at Darren at times.
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