Cans is the seventh short of My Talking Tom

Upside down Tom


The short episode begins to Talking Tom having a twinkle eyes. He licks his hand and puts his hand onto his ears and puts his hand down on the yellow floor. Talking Tom is now covered by the trash can. Then the 2 trash cans drops down into a yellow floor and the trash can dance around (This music starting playing and stop) (The hand appears to click that trash can on the left and trash can gose up, Tom seems to have crossed eyes and funny mouth)), and Tom started growing to the hand. Tom got covered by the trash again and dance again (With music starting as before and stop), and the hand click the trash can at the right and the trash can goes up, Tom is now falling down and he started screaming (furious or angry). Then the trash cans started dancing more faster (music is starting as before and stop), Tom throws the trash can out of him and the hand laughs at him, Tom looks at the hand fearly. Tom gets angry and drop the hand on the yellow floor. Tom then kicks the hand.



  • Outside

In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Portuguese Latas Cans
Russian Баки Bucky
Spanish Cubos Cubes
Japanese ゴミ箱ゲーム / 缶 Trash Box Game / Tins
Korean 어디 있게~?? Who So??