Full Name

Chief Everything Officer

First appearance

Untalking Tom

Last appearance

Glitch Apocalypse

Voiced by

Brian Stack


Tom (occasionally), Ben (occasionally), Angela (occasionally), Hank, Ginger, and Darren.


Tom (rarely), and Ben (rarely)


whimsical, cool, goofy, revengeful, hilarious, sarcastic, sometimes overreacts, and moody.


wears a tuxedo suit with a red bow, has

""I will become mayor, and on day one I will put Tom And Ben Enterprises out of business forever!""
―-"The Sabotage"
Talking Tom and Friends - The Rise of The CEO (Teaser)

Talking Tom and Friends - The Rise of The CEO (Teaser)

The CEO is the main antagonist of Talking Tom and Friends.

Bio Edit

The CEO (who's given name is Carl) has been given so much in his life he became a billionaire. He loves his pet goldfish more than anything in the world, except maybe his nephew Darren and himself.

His nephew is Darren, which makes sense because of how spoiled Darren is.

Personality Edit

The CEO shows himself as generous in A Secret Worth Keeping: Part Two, but after he memory-erases Tom and the gang 93 times in Forgotten Kiss, he reveals his true self as the antagonist of the TV show.

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Trivia Edit

  • The CEO's given name is Carl.
  • He looks like Donald Trump.
  • In Forgotten Kiss, he said the meaning of CEO; Chief Everything Officer.