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Bongo and McGillicuddy is a show in Talking Tom and Friends. It appears to be an long-running award-winning comedy cartoon focusing on a pair of loose cannon cops named Bongo (a human), and McGillicuddy (an orangutan/ape, originally spelt Magillacuddy), who played by their own rules when out on the streets catching criminals, including Bongo’s no.1 enemy, Doctor Technology. Their loose cannonish behaviours rarely impress the old police chief, Buzzcut. According to Hank, this is his favourite show (more info below). The show also has a backwards counterpart in the Parallel Universe named McGillicuddy & Bongo

Characters Edit

  • Bongo
  • McGillicuddy
  • Doctor Technology
  • Doctor Jerk Face (later Professor Jerk Face)
  • The Tickler
  • Chief Buzzcut
  • Hank (only in the finale of Season 16)
  • Random Cop

Episodes with major roles Edit

Bongo and McGillicuddy first plays a major role in Hank the Director, where Hank records a fan fiction episode of Bongo and McGillicuddy. They also star in the episode Bye, Bye, Bongo, where they have to stop Doctor Technology from stealing the Inter-dimensional TV Transporter.

List of episodes with major roles Edit

Cast (for fan episode) Edit

Fandom Edit

Bongo and McGillicuddy is shown to have a large fanbase, as many individuals in the city are seen wearing Bongo and McGillicuddy merchandise. Hank is a huge fan of the show, and he even made a Bongo and McGillicuddy episode and an unofficial fan guide.

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Known episodes Edit

This is a list of Bongo and Magillicuddy episodes mentioned in Talking Tom and Friends. All names of episodes are linked to the Talking Tom and Friends episode in which they were mentioned.

Seasons Edit

This list is based on the fact that Hank said in Bye, Bye, Bongo to Doctor Technology that his teeth are more yellow than in seasons four, six, and fifteen. Since Doctor Technology is probably the main antagonist of the series, as he is called Bongo and Magillicuddy's "greatest foe" by Hank, we can assume that there are sixteen seasons, as he might not have appeared in the last season due to him being stuck in jail during that time.

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
  • Season 5
  • Season 6
  • Season 7
  • Season 8
  • Season 9
  • Season 10
  • Season 11
  • Season 12
  • Season 13
  • Season 14
  • Season 15
  • Season 16

Even though Hank says he’s watched every sitcom made from 1986 to 1994, it is officially unknown when Bongo and McGillicuddy had started its original run. We know it’s must be a long running show, since in Hank the Director, Hank said he wanted to do his own episode ever since he was a little boy, so the show must’ve started during Hank’s childhood. To be more specific, Bye, Bye, Bongo was released in 2017, and the show has 16 seasons. If we take away 16 from 2017, it makes 2001. So unless any of those seasons lasted for a year or had a break in between, Bongo must’ve started in 2001.

It is unknown about the fate of the show after Season 16, but no Bongo & McGillicuddy characters or the show had been mentioned or referenced by anyone after Bye Bye, Bongo, so the show either was cancelled for real because of Hank’s disappearance, or that Bongo and McGillicuddy were still going to stay on the force but the show went into a hiatus.

Trivia Edit

Both the main characters represent the main characters of Talking Tom and Friends, Tom and Ben.

McGillicuddy - Tom is like McGillicuddy because they both are silly and funny.

Bongo - Ben is like Bongo because they both work hard and are telling Tom/McGillicuddy what to do.