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"Hey, world. I'm Becca Sparkles. I'm fierce and fresh and I want to shake things up. It's sparkle time!"
The New Old Roommate

Becca Sparkles is a main character in Talking Tom and Friends who was introduced in Season 4.


Becca is a bunny that has purple and black hair with long ears, green eyes, a yellow shirt with a sideways lightning bolt on it, blue ripped jeans and small white spherical tail between the top of her legs.


Becca is seen to portray a snarky character. If she gets sad and feels betrayed she will get angry and do anything in her way to get the person that made her upset back. As seen with Angela, she would presumably do that with a diss track. She also has a crush on Hank, and gets angry when Hank doesn't realize that. When she's around Hank, she gets nervous.


  • Her name was revealed in the Kidscreen Magazine.
  • Becca is the third non-human character to be created for the series, the first being Hank and the second being Jeremy, and is the only character who is a rabbit.
  • Becca's first app appearance was in My Talking Tom Friends.
  • Angela is Becca's first new roommate (The New Old Roommate).
  • Becca's first cameo appearance was in "Smash the Trash".


Season 4

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