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Attack of the Tech!
Season 1, Episode 1
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Attack of the Tech! is the first episode of Talking Friends.

Synopsis Edit

The episode begins with Pierre playing a video game, when he hears a rumbling outside. It was a giant robot called Self Aware chasing its inventors, Tom and Ben. Pierre was upset when he sees the robot destroys his tent. After Pierre lends Ben his video game controller, the robot begins to eat Tom's car. Ben had made an EMPG. Tom was shocked when Ben is going to destroy their robot. Tom says that their robot needs a little love even though it destroys things and eats Tom's car. He quickly changed his mind to destroying it when Ginger gets eaten by the robot. He points the generator at the robot and destroys it. Ginger falls out of the robot when it falls over, and after that, Tom, Ben, Ginger, and the rest of the gang celebrate merrily.

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