Angry Parrots is the ninth episode of Talking Friends.

Angry Parrots
Season 1, Episode 9
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Plot Edit

Tom and Ben are at the newsroom reporting live on TV. They report that “all hair balls were caused by extra-terestrials.” and ”Where rain comes from.” and even do a brief fight before Ginger finds out that the signal is dead, and all because Pierre has stopped pedaling above.

On the rooftop, Pierre is playing “Zombie BrainSuckers” on his portable console, shooting the undead with tomatoes. Tom comes up and tells Pierre to keep pedaling, but Pierre is focused on his game. He has been playing it for 2 days and still hasn't saved the princess in-game. Tom keeps telling him to keep pedalling, but Pierre looks at him through his screen, and mistakes Tom for a zombie. He spits seeds at him, while in-game, he throws a tomato. Ben and Ginger asks Pierre what's going on, but Pierre mistakes them for zombies and spits seeds at them, yelling, "Take that, brain suckers! Take that flesh eaters! Go back to where you came from, zombies!"

Without Pierre's pedal power, the newscast is finished! The game has taken over Pierre's life. Like all of us, games are addictive to Pierre. Luckily, Ben knows that Pierre will stop playing when he frees the princess. Ginger lets his toy, Giraffe Gina, to play the princess, for she's a good actress. They dress Gina up as a princess and locks her in a cage. They pretend to be zombies and guard Gina. Pierre thinks the trailer is the princess' chamber, runs inside, and spits seeds at the zombies. Ben, Tom, and Ginger jump out of the way. Pierre sees the princess smiling at him. He unlocks the cage and kisses her. He realises that it's actually a toy covered with Ginger, and he tells Ben, Tom, and Ginger to take a rest. Ben, Tom and Ginger think Pierre's back to normal, but then Pierre looks at his phone. "Zombie BrainSuckers 2" has downloaded.

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Talking Friends - Talking Friends Ep9 Angry Parrots

Talking Friends - Talking Friends Ep9 Angry Parrots