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""Well, I don't care what anyone else thinks. I have to do this, for me. And if I just has your support, well, that would be enough... Thanks, Tom. You're a great boyfriend.""
Retro Sonic Angela

Angela is one of the main characters in Talking Tom and Friends and is the third character to be introduced in the Talking Friends mobile app and the first female in the series franchise by Outfit7.


Angela is a white Burmilla cat who first appeared wearing only a purple colored scarf when she was first introduced in the original cartoon. But, The outfit she wore throughout the Talking Tom and Friends cartoon consisted of a simple pink shirt with a heart imprinted on it and a pair of jean shorts, being the only one to wear clothes constantly. Sometimes in talking tom and friends, she is seen wearing other outfits too.


Angela is a music-loving cat who likes to sing her heart out. She is confident in her singing and often gets gigs and jobs for her talent. When she is not singing, she likes fashion.

As the only girl in the group, she cares for the gang and worries for them. But at times they tend to test her patience which causes her to become a bit hot-headed. Though in the end she cares for them all and they care for her.

She is interested in her boyfriend Tom, showing signs of jealousy from time to time especially during the episode "Parallel Universe" when Tom was hanging out with an alternate version of Angela.


Tom (lover):"Insert description of why and when they were lovers and how strong or weak their relationship is if you have time"

Ben: "Insert description how they are friends and such"

Hank: "Insert description how they are friends and such"

Ginger:"Insert description how they are friends and such"

(lazy bone)


  • Her favorite type of ice cream is strawberry, the same as Ben.
  • Her favorite type of cake is chocolate raspberry.
  • Her birthday is in February, as Ben wonders "why it is so cold in August", and they had their memories erased for the previous three months, right after celebrating Angela's birthday.
  • It is unknown why Angela is wearing clothes, maybe the older design of Angela was a bit lewd for the younger viewers.
  • She is left handed.