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"I am Angela, and I am real!""
The Digital Queen

Angela is one of the main characters of the many series in the Talking Tom and Friends franchise.


Talking Friends

Angela is a white burmilla cat with blue eyes.

Talking Tom and Friends, Talking Tom Heroes, Talking Tom and Friends Minis

Angela wears a pink top with a white heart on it and blue denim shorts.

In Season 4 of Talking Tom and Friends, she wears a purple tank top under a pink shirt with a darker pink heart on it.

Talking Tom Shorts

Angela's casual outfit normally consists of her wearing a pink dress.


Talking Friends

Angela was a very busy person, focusing a lot on her music career, more than she does in Talking Tom and Friends, hanging out with the friends occasionally.

Talking Tom and Friends

Angela is a music-loving cat who likes to sing her heart out about joy and positivity, though she can make negative songs, such as (Game On) Glitter Girl, one of her most popular songs in the show, and Payne Can't Hurt Me, but very rarely. She is confident in her singing and often gets gigs and jobs for her talent. When she is not singing, she likes designing clothes or shopping for them.

As the only girl in the group, she cares for the gang and worries for them.

She is interested in her boyfriend Tom, but before they started dating it was strongly hinted that she liked him. She would signs of jealousy from time to time especially during the episode "Parallel Universe", when Tom was hanging out with an alternate version of Angela.

She and Tom shared a former running gag in seasons 2 and 3, where Tom constantly stood her up, though in "Extreme First Date" it was a misunderstanding.

Angela likes Bad Tom more than his normal behavior as shown in the episode "Good Girls Fall for Bad Boys", where she falls in love for an evil version Tom from an evil futuristic dimension.


Tom: Angela loves Tom and she is happy when with him. Angela can sometimes get upset with him, even though they always work out at one point.

Ben: Angela and Ben are normal friends. She occasionally asks Ben to do something for her when in need of help.

Hank: Hank is a casual friend to Angela but once there was a possible future where Hank fell in love with Angela.

Ginger: Ginger and Angela are normal friends. Though, in one episode in Season 1 and one episode in Season 2, Angela was chasing Ginger and tried to attack him with anger.

Becca: Angela and Becca were rivals at first, but after they found out their rivalry was a big misunderstanding, they decided to become best friends and sing together. In Season 5, Becca becomes Angela's roommate.


  • Her favourite type of ice cream is strawberry, the same as Ben.
  • Her favourite type of cake is chocolate raspberry.
  • She hates golf.
  • Angela's voice actress, Lisa Schwartz, also voices the waitress Rhonda that works from Jerry's, The Ghost (formerly uncredited), and Ginger's classmate Tonya.
  • Her birthday is February 2nd.
  • She, like the rest of the gang, did not wear shoes until Season 4.
  • As of "Couples Clash (Part 2)", her favorite type of flower is a sunflower.
  • According to Becca Sparkles song "Little Miss Perfect", Angela is rich.
  • Angela is ambidextrous.
  • She was the only female in the gang until Becca debuted.
  • Originally, Angela wasn't going to constantly wear clothes as a layout reel of "The Audition" shows her without clothes.
  • Just like the other original main characters, she appears in every episode of Talking Tom and Friends.
  • She is the only one in the gang to wear clothes from Seasons 1-3.
  • According to "CEO in Trouble", her fourth least favourite milkshake is vanilla and strawberry is her favourite.
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